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Samsung Galaxy S8 Price Leaked, High Price Tag to Hand Apple a Huge Advantage

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Ahead of the potential launch in March 2017, the rumors on the Samsung Galaxy S8 are heavily surfacing around the web. They have revealed major specs of the next-gen smartphone and buzzed the smartphone lovers. And now, the buzz have reached a new level with the leak of Samsung Galaxy S8 price.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price Leaked, High Price Tag to Hand Apple a Huge Advantage

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price Leaked

Everyone expects the Galaxy S8 to arrive with a higher price tag than its predecessor. But no one expects it to be too expensive to buy. A leaked spreadsheet from the database of a Ukrainian retailer revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S8 price to be set to $950. It is a way higher than the price of the current generation Galaxy S7. More importantly, it is beyond the budget range of most of the consumers.

The database also reveals the price of the Galaxy S8 Plus, which is $1050. Yes, it is even more expensive. However, the inclusion of high-end features, like a larger pressure sensitive display, dual camera setup and a dedicated AI assistant make the price tag acceptable.

High Samsung Galaxy S8 Price Tag to Hand Apple a Huge Advantage

Despite having higher price tags, both of the models are capable to draw the attention of consumers worldwide. The reason behind the drawing power will be the eye-catching design and powerful specs. However, the increase in price will open a new gate of advantage for the competitors, especially Apple. The Cupertino company is expected to release the iPhone 7S with a price tag of $649, which is really affordable for all the smartphone lovers. Due to the reasonable price tag, the next-gen Apple smartphone will surely generate a massive number of sales. More specifically, it will be able to outsmart the Galaxy S8 in the global market. So, there is a huge chance for Apple to take away a major market share from Samsung. The company is also expected to reveal the iPhone 8, which will cost you $1000. But still, it will be less expensive than the Galaxy S8 Plus.

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