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Samsung S8 Release Date Revealed – Next-Gen Phone to be Launched on March 29

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Samsung S8 Release Date Revealed – Next-Gen Phone to be Launched on March 29

The Samsung S8 release date is the most debated topic in the smartphone community. The debate has been intensified more than even before due to the different claim made by numerous reports. But it looks like that the device is going to be revealed sooner rather than later.

Recently, ETNews, the South Korean website, has published a report on the Samsung S8 release date. It claims that the device will be launched on March 29 at a special event in New York. Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed about the event. However, the claim looks very logical, as a number of high-profile leaksters and analysts predicted the same release date. Adding more weight to the claim, ETNews has quoted an anonymous high-ranking official of an unspecified carrier as the provider of the specific information.

The report also reveals the on-sale date of the Galaxy S8. It states that the device will enter into the market on April 21. That means, we are almost two months away from grabbing it. Earlier, Samsung had planned to release the smartphone on April 14. However, the supply chains have constrained the company to do.

In addition to revealing the Samsung S8 release date, the Korean website has also leaked the on-sale date of the LG G6. It claims that the device will be released in the market on March 10. Earlier, LG had confirmed to reveal the new flagship phone on February 26 at MWC 2017.

Samsung S8 Release Date – What does it mean to the competitors?

The release date of April 21 will definitely provide the competitors, like LG and Lenovo, some advantages. Both of the manufacturers will release their flagship phones earlier than Samsung. So, they will get a head start. However, it doesn’t ensure that Samsung will have a tough time to compete with them. Except the Galaxy S7, most of the flagship Samsung phones went on sale in April. Nonetheless, they generated a massive number of sales because of the inclusion of the best features. So, the Samsung S8 release date will not create any negative impact if the device is packed with a better hardware, cameras and design.

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